THI Refrigeration

THI-smallProducts Range

  • Oil, Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Process/Gas refrigeration package based on
  • suitable refrigerant
  • Ammonia process refrigeration package
  • Propylene process refrigeration package
  • HCFC process refrigeration package
  • Condensing & boil off package
  • Brine/Chilled water refrigeration package
  • Eye wash and safety shower package
  • Tail gas & fuel gas compressor package


  • Oil, Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical
  • ASME Section VIII for pressure equipment inside package(U-Stamp)
  • API 619 for compressor inside package
  • API 610 and ASME /ANSI B73.1 for centrifugal pump inside package
  • TEMA for tubular heat exchangers inside package
  • ASME / ASTM for material selection
  • API 676 for rotary pump inside package
  • API 662 for plate heat exchanger inside package
  • ASME/ANSI for piping inside package
  • API 660 for shell and tube exchanger inside package
  • API 661 for air cooled exchanger inside package
  • API 662 for plate heat exchanger inside package



INNOWELD and the affiliated companies are designers, advisers and suppliers of process plants in the industrial sectors pharmaceutic, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, energy as well as renewable resources.

Our engineering-services include scheduling of process plants, delivery of turnkey plants and development of new processes as well as software for the plant operation.

The synergy of the individual companies is based on the shared know-how for process-technology combined with the fabrication-know-how of INNOWELD. With our high diversity of applications and specialists, improved processes in all sectors can be established for our clients.

Planning and engineering of process plants is the core business of our affiliated companies NATEX and E+U. Our main focus is the process scheduling and the continuous project management – from the conception up to completed commissioning.

The benefits of our engineering:

  • Process design (NATEX, E+U)
  • Heat transfer design
  • Mechanical design
  • Static and civil design
  • Dynamic design
  • Drawings generation and authority approval
  • Instrumentation and control engineering (NATEX, E+U)
  • Commissioning
  • Material identification and material testing measurements

Successful engineering-benefits for the industrial sectors:

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Process technology
  • Food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Water and pulp industry
  • Energy and environmental plant technology
  • Industrial furnace construction
  • Automotive and marine industry
  • Aviation and astronautics
  • Medical technology
  • Offshore industry
  • Special applications



The company International Petrochemical Technologies (IPT) operates in the field of technology research and development. For this reason, it aims at transferring know-how and implementing industrial projects, most of which in the petrochemical area. IPT mainly provides advanced technological solutions, also by issuing international patents and know-how.

IPT offers:

    • Research and Development
    • Design of suitable pilot plants
    • Process Design Package
    • Basic Engineering Design Package
    • Detailed Engineering
    • Procurement services and procurement assistance
    • Project management
    • Training of operators and R&D staff
    • Application development and market introduction



The know-how that characterizes the company today allows to offer a high quality product made entirely in the establishment of Casnigo, where the supply chain is constantly monitored by highly qualified personnel. In addition, following directly to the own internal every production process, the time required for the production of the valve is kept under control and is  highly competitive.
Each product is made considering customer requirements and in accordance with the most demanding international norms and standards


 STEFFENINI VALVES takes pride in its reputation for delivering high quality products and services in a manner that never compromises its integrity or its high standards of business conduct. Company desires to provide its customers with ever-increasing levels of quality and performance.

Guidelines of STEFFENINI VALVES policy are defined in the Standards for the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and API Q1, Ninth edition 2013 “Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum, and Natural Gas Industry”.
Steffenini Valves’products are qualified according to Fire Safe API 607/ISO 10497.