PILSUN’s Strategy focuses on:

Through honesty, integrity & the commitment to excellence, PILSUN strives to achieve highest customer satisfaction to both our partners & clients and it is our goal to become a world-class company with long term continued success and highly trained staff, as well as to have an Integrated solutions in our chosen industries and active countries.

PILSUN’s Marketing Strategy:

1. Partner with allies
2. Well-defined targets
3. Use wide range data to target customers
4. Appropriate points of contact
5. Collaborate with influences
6. A process for alignment
7. Help customers solve a problem
8. Don’t forget about existing customers
9. Get employees involved
10. The ability to scale

PILSUN’s Sales Strategy:

1. Think big and audit our time
2. Be real
3. Overcome Objections
4. Know our competition well
5. Be different and stand out from the competition
6. Identify the decision marker
7. Build sustainable and reliable relationships with our customers
8. Watch what we say
9. Exhibit extreme confidence
10. Take responsibility for our skills